3 Top Food Spots In Rural Hickory NC

With a motto that states ‘Life Well Crafted,’ Hickory NC also has some restaurants that serve up food that is well crafted. The Catawba County city features 219 restaurants, and so you have tons of choices. Hickory has an interesting history, and there are also lots of great things to do. Work up that appetite, and I’m going to help fill your plate with great food by recommending three of the best restaurants in Hickory NC.

Hatch Sandwich Bar is located at 268 1st Avenue NW, and one of the menu highlights is brussels sprouts. Hey, don’t knock them until you’ve tried them. I am a vegetarian, and for our family dinner, we are actually having brussels sprouts as a side tonight. You can also expect delicious pulled pork, sandwiches and much more from this gourmet foodie stop as one review nicknames this restaurant. If you are up for a tasty sandwich for lunch, make Hatch Sandwich Bar the place to grab a bite to eat. People say that the restaurant serves up great Reubens.

Old Hickory Station is next, and you can find it at 232 Government Avenue SW. Have you ever tried cauliflower fritters before? You can order those, and a few other popular menu items includes wings, burgers, salads and more. Old Hickory Station is also known for its steaks. Plus, they have a great selection of craft beer as well. People say to stop by for a delicious lunch, but my goodness, with steaks, you would think it makes for a great dinner spot, too.

The next Hickory NC restaurant is called Vintage House. Vintage House is located at 271 3rd Avenue NW, and it is known for salmon, steak, rainbow trout and much more. While steak is served up at the previous restaurant mentioned, it looks like you can get your surf and turf at Vintage House. You are also going to get to enjoy some great cake if you are up for dessert, and the establishment features a stellar wine selection as well.

These three top restaurants in Hickory are going to impress. I would save the sandwich shop for lunch and call the other two places good dinner spots. That’s just my take, and I hope you get to visit all three establishments. Remember, the food is well crafted in Hickory, and you are going to enjoy your dose of rural North Carolina.